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Sanding & Refinishing

Since 1995 OWF has been the midsouth’s premier sanding and refinishing provider, specializing in installation of new hardwood and renewing existing hardwood flooring.

We have the capability to REFRESH YOUR FINISH WITHOUT SANDING to give your floors a like new appearance.  If your floors don’t need sanding, we can SCREEN AND COAT. If your floors require sanding, we use DUSTCONTAINMENT SANDING EQUIPMENT.

What to Expect When Sanding and Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Our experience combined with the latest materials and equipment ensures you get spectacular results with a beautiful and durable finish.  Our flooring specialists are skilled and experienced and have sanded thousands of floors over the years with many satisfied customers and lovely floors to show for it. If you are considering having your hardwood floors refinished, we would like you to know what to expect during and after the process.  WE DO NOT USE SUBCONTRACTORS TO SAND AND FINISH YOUR FLOORS.

Furniture: All work areas must be free and clear of all furniture prior to refinishing. Old World Floors is not equipped to move large pieces of furniture and will contract to remove and reset furnishings with a moving service. Typically this charge is $250.00 for each trip to move 3-4 rooms of furniture that have been cleared of all accessories, books, and personal belongings. For smaller jobs with less furniture OWF will make arrangements to work with you to move furnishings.

Draperies: Most floors require the use of oil base stain and finish products that can damage fabrics. For this reason, it is recommended that you remove all fabric window treatments before we arrive.  If fabric window treatments are left in place OWF will cover with plastic but is not responsible for any damage caused to the fabric.

Dust: For no extra charge, Old World Floors will tape up plastic over cabinets and doorways to minimize the dust circulating in your home. The HVAC system is turned off when the sanding machines are running. We use state of the art sanding machines with specialized dust containment systems that use powerful vacuum motors to capture the dust generated during sanding.  These precautions will minimize dust but NOT completely contain all of it. Before we leave each day, our crew will clean and vacuum the work areas.  Some fine dust will settle out of the air and can circulate to other rooms after we leave.

Shoe Molding: Old World Floors will remove and reset your existing shoemolding prior to sanding. If you supply us the trim paint, OWF will repaint it before resetting it for a small upcharge.

Dry Time: After each coat of polyurethane the floor is dry to walk on in 8-24 hours with proper ventilation.

Cure Time: It is optimal to allow 2-3 days after the final coat of polyurethane before resetting furniture, however after 24 hours the finish is dry.  We would caution you not to drag furniture across the floors or be careless in the mean time as to not mar the finish. Large rugs and carpets should not be put down until after 30 days of curing.

Scheduling: OWF will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. We will coordinate with you on start times.  Refinishing projects usually are scheduled to start early enough in the week so that we will be finished by that Friday or Saturday. We have complete control over our employees’ schedules which allows us to manage our time better and meet your deadlines. WE DO NOT USE SUBCONTRACTORS TO SAND AND FINISH YOUR FLOORS. Please be aware that we are juggling several crews and multiple jobs that occasionally run over to the next scheduled job.  Should that occur OWF will notify you asap of any changes to the schedule.


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Special thanks to Old World Floors for sanding and staining our existing hardwood floors. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. We have already received so many compliments on how great our floors look. I would recommend Old World Floors to anyone!
Houston Preuett

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