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The beauty and longevity of hardwood floors will outweigh the initial installation cost and ensure your home looks great for many years. Reach out to the team at Old World Floors for more information about installing new wood floors in your home.

The benefits of hardwood floors go beyond looks and durability, providing additional advantages you may have never realized.  No matter what style of hardwood you choose, you’re sure to love it. Read on to learn more about the numerous benefits of hardwood.


High-End Appearance

Hardwood floors bring an elegant, high-end feel to any space. The natural elements and earth tones also add a feeling of warmth, bringing a cozy and inviting element to your room. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your space without completing an entire renovation, the addition of hardwood floors could be the perfect option. You’ll love how this simple change can transform your space.

Strength & Durability

Because hardwood flooring is made from solid wood, it is incredibly durable and will last for many years. Quality hardwood floors are kiln-dried, manufactured, installed and finished to high standards and are able to withstand heavy foot traffic. 

Low Maintenance

Ease of cleaning is an important feature for many homeowners. Hardwood flooring is incredibly easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. It’s easy to clean dirt or dust from hardwood by sweeping, vacuuming,  You also won’t have to worry about staining as long as you get to the spill quickly. Just wipe up the spill right away and keep your hardwood dry, and you’ll have beautiful floors for many years.


Improved Resale Value

Because hardwood floors are an incredibly popular feature, adding them to your home can raise your home value should you ever decide to sell. Many homebuyers aren’t looking for homes with carpets because they know they’ll want to replace them upon moving in, as carpet can hold dirt and other allergens from the previous family. A home with hardwood floors will eliminate this move-in cost for buyers, which is what makes hard-surfaced flooring so popular on the real estate market.

Variety of Finishes

Hardwood floors offers plenty of opportunities for customization, which allows you to match them to any décor. Whether you like light hues that show of the natural wood grain or rich, dark stains that make a statement, you’ll be sure to find a color option you’ll love. Because you’ll have so many options to choose from, it’s easy to pair hardwood flooring with numerous styles, paint colors, and furniture.


Timeless Quality

While other flooring options come in and out of style, hardwood floors always look beautiful, regardless of the current trends in home décor. Their timeless quality and superior durability mean they’ll look great for many years, which is what makes them such a popular option. With proper care and attention, your new wood floors can last for generations.

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